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Company Mission

We aim to offer affordable accommodation for both the employer and the employee.
To ensure we offer value for money, contractor accommodation, i.e. offer rooms in a good, clean condition supplied with electricity and basic services.
We strive to maintain good customer relationships and aim to tailor our products to our client’s needs wherever possible.

Accommodation – value for money namely – Electricity, rooms and basic services in a good clean condition.

Maintain good customer relationships.

Adapt product according to client’s needs as much as possible.

Add additional products to enhance service performance where the need arise

We endevour to offer additional products to enhance our service performance where the need arises and are able to offer the following services:

We intend to develop the 49 hectare Township Development

The Ivy Jewel Group works with property owners to offer a comprehensive selection of contractor and management accommodation options ranging from the luxurious to the most basic and has accommodation solutions to suit every pocket. Call us now to discuss your accommodation needs.

Our Aim

is to negotiate favorable terms with our clients regarding the Pricing of Accommodation and Transport – to enable an affordable product with good service that can sustain the company’s relationships over long periods of time.

Our business is to provide a good service to our clients and to give them peace of mind in the daily “house hold” area of their workers.

Should the company give the employee living out allowance – then they stay in sub-standard accommodation with no water and electricity.

Some workers are from other areas and don’t easily adjust to the local community.

Transport from accommodation to worksite becomes too expensive and time consuming when employees stays at different areas.

Controlling attendance and punctuality is very difficult when employees must rely on public transport to get to work on time especially when going to mines around Middelburg.

Therefore the transport and accommodation becomes more cost effective when all the employees stays at one premises – in this case – being Nasaret or Towers